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Facial Trauma

Facial injuries happen unexpectedly and can be quite traumatic. When this happens, an oral surgeon is the most qualified professional to treat facial trauma injuries; they have undergone years of education and training and specialize in the function and aesthetics of the facial structure.

Facial trauma injuries include

Treating Facial Injuries

Oral Surgery Services is here for all of your oral and maxillofacial needs, including emergencies. Safety, comfort, and care of our patients are our top priorities. The severity and location of your injury will determine the best course of treatment. Common facial trauma injuries and treatment plans include the following:

Facial Cuts

Stitches are a common treatment for a cut on the face or in the mouth. We will determine and use the best technique for the stitches to ensure the wound heals with as little scarring as possible.

Facial Fractures

If a fracture has been sustained in the facial bones, a traditional cast will not work. Instead, an oral surgeon will use screws, plates, and wires to stabilize the bone. Setting facial bones is usually performed under the skin, so there is minimal scarring.

Dental Injuries

The dentist usually fixes a cracked or broken tooth. However, if a tooth is completely knocked out or even broken at the socket, an oral surgeon is the most qualified to provide treatment. Visit our office immediately if a tooth has been knocked out. Bring the tooth with you. Do not wipe off the tooth or disinfect it — put it in a container of saliva or whole milk. The first 30 minutes after the injury offers the best chance for us to save the tooth. If your tooth cannot be saved, we will discuss replacement options with you, such as dental implants.

Facial Trauma Treatment at Oral Surgery Services

If you or a loved one has sustained a facial trauma, seek treatment immediately. Oral Surgery Services is available to you for any oral and maxillofacial emergency. We have offices in Metairie, LA, and Gretna, LA, for your convenience. Contact our office as soon as possible after the injury has occurred. We will try our best to see you as soon as possible.