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Meet Ashley

She's had zero problems after her oral surgery procedures.

My name is Ashley. I live in Kenner, Louisiana, and I had a tooth extraction. I had two surgeries on my jaw to remove abscesses, and I had an implant placed so that I could ultimately get a permanent tooth. Everything went great, I’ve now got the permanent tooth, and I have had zero problems with it — it’s been great, and I absolutely have no worries about it for the future ever having any problems with it again. Oh, when I first came in to meet everyone, it was amazing. I walked in the door, I was greeted immediately, I was comfortable. Dr. Ferguson is an excellent, excellent surgeon and a wonderful human being — the way he treated me, and he just genuinely cares about his patients. Dr. Ferguson and his team made me feel like family here. I had a great experience here, and I would highly recommend Oral Surgery Services.

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